Gettin’ revved up for the weekend!

THE TRIPLE DOOR: Elspeth Savani with Jovino Santos Neto and Friends

TULA’S JAZZ CLUB: Dave Anderson w/John Hansen, Chuck Kistler, Adam Kessler

JAZZ ALLEY: David Sanborn

THE NEW ORLEANS: The Ham Carson Quintet

THAIKU: Jon Alberts, Jeff Johnson, Tad Britton

7pm – Cyrille Gosselin – solo guitar and quartet w/ Bob Frazier (trumpet), Joe Casalini (bass) and Bob Merrihew (drums).
9pm – Black Math Quartet, nu-jazz jam band with Brian Heaney (guitar), Liam O’Connor (drums), Tony Sodano (bass) and Matt Reid (trumpet)

ASTEROID CAFE: Tim Kennedy Jam Session

LO-FI: The Hang

As always, let us know if there’s something else going on by posting a comment.

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