from KOMO News:

A group of local musicians say they became victims of a random, vicious attack outside of a club in the U-District early Friday morning.

Joseph Walbaum suffered a cracked skull and four blood pockets in his brain. He was just released from the hospital on Sunday.

He says he and several other jazz musicians just finished a jam session when five or six guys attacked them, unprovoked, on the sidewalk.

Victim Morgan Gilkeson said it was like a pack of wolves.

“Just punching anyone in sight,” he said.

Evan Flory-Barnes said the attackers were muscular but stocky, and the attack was pure aggression.

“Like, ‘we have to get some violence out of this,’ ” he said.

Davy Nefos said one guy started swinging.

“Then another guy came up from behind, cheap shots — very cheap shots,” he said.

The musicians could do little to defend themselves.

“I was just in (a defensive) position the whole time,” Flory-Barnes said, “receiving these random blows.”

The scuffle ended up in the street. And when police arrived, the attackers fled.

Band members say it was a random act of violence and they don’t know why they were targeted.

“Ultimately, i just want to make sure the streets are safe,” Walbaum said.

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