From EyeShot Jazz (a great photo blog you should check out, especially since the Earshot Festival starts this weekend and there will be updates almost daily!)

Trio Commando made their public debut at the chapel Performance Space opening up for Eric Barber, performing improvisations, excavations and conversations through a high powered trio configuration featuring Wayne Horvitz (piano), Samantha Boshnack(trumpets), and Beth Fleenor (clarinets/voice). Unexpected and brilliant set of music with exciting electronic and vocal intermixing.

Saxophonist Eric Barber, an innovative saxophonist and composer in the world of jazz, world, and improvised music gave a solo performance last night at the Chapel Performance Space. I was entranced by the sounds he blew and recorded in his black box and then played on top of again and again and twice he played pieces with recorded human voices including his young daughter’s. Beautiful.

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