Jazz For North Bend, 7-10:00

Thursday, Sept 9, MORDY FERBER TRIO – Special guest NY guitarist with a cutting sound. If Hendrix played jazz…
Friday, Sept 10, French & Clark +1 – The trio behind Floyd Standifer’s Pampas recording.
Saturday, Sept 11, Vocalist Leah Stillwell with the Darin Clendenin Trio
Sunday, Sept 12, Danny Kolke Trio

Weekly Friday Series, 7:30

Friday, Sept 10, MORDY FERBER TRIO +1 – More Mordy, plus sax of Mike West

Sunday, Sept 12
Sandpoint Magnuson Park, Seattle
noon – 5:00pm; free

pack a lunch, or stop at one of our sponsors along Sandpoint Way

Holy cow look at this JAZZ PICNIC line-up:
MILT KLEEB SUPER FRIENDS BAND, Jay Thomas, Brad Allison, Dan Marcus, Bill Ramsay Travis Ranney, Jim Coile, John Hansen, Chuck Deardorf, Danny Kolke Trio, GREG WILLIAMSON QUARTET, Jon Hamar, John Hansen, Alexey Nikolaev, PETE PETERSEN, ZACHARY KELLOGG, DAVE ANDERSON QUARTET, Adam Kessler, Bernie Jacobs, Michael Marcus, Andre Thomas, CHRISTOPHER WOITACH, LEAH STILLWELL, DARIN CLENDENI, TODD HYMAS, KATY BOURNE, RANDY HALBERSTADT, Steve Korn, Kobe Jazz Queen: Geila Zilkha, CAROLYN GRAYE, MORDY FERBER, Chris Symer, Mike West, VICTOR NORIEGA, TROMBONASAURUS REX (all trombones welcome, anyone with a trombone, get out your trombones) Dan Marcus, Greg Schroeder, Phil Henderson, David Marriott, Nelson Bell, Chris Amemiya, Gary Shutes (via long distance antiphonality), Reuel Lubag, Ken French, Craig Hoyer, USUAL SUSPECTS / ALL-STAR BIG BAND featuring arrangements of Vern Sielert, Andy Omdahl, Dennis Haldane, Kevin Seeley, Al Keith, Bud Parker, Tracy Knoop, Vanessa Sielert, Jon Goforth, Rich Cole, JIM CUTLER, Nathaniel Schliemer, Nate Parker, Susan Pascal, Dante’s Hot Dogs…

Geila Zilkha @ JAZZ ALLEY

Monday, Sept 13, 7:30pm

Seattle Jazz