KJAZZ, 88.1fm in Long Beach/Los Angles, has been playing a steady stream of Hadley Caliman all day:

09/09/10, 4:28 PM, Hadley Caliman/Pete Christlieb, Little Dex (Reunion)
09/09/10, 3:28 PM, Hadley Caliman, Joe Joe Dancer Bossa Nova (Gratitude)
09/09/10, 2:24 PM, Hadley Caliman/Pete Christlieb, Up Jumped Spring (Reunion)
09/09/10, 1:28 PM, Hadley Caliman, Cigar Eddie (Hadley Caliman)
09/09/10, 12:25 PM, Hadley Caliman, Rapture (Straight Ahead)
09/09/10, 11:26 AM, Hadley Caliman, Kickin’ On The Inside (Gratitude)
09/09/10, 10:25 AM, Hadley Caliman & Pete Christlieb, Comencia (Reunion)
09/09/10, 8:30 AM, Hadley Caliman, Cigar Eddie (Straight Ahead)
09/09/10, 7:29 AM, Hadley Caliman, Rapture (Straight Ahead)
09/09/10, 6:28 AM, Hadley Caliman, Back For More (Gratitude)

Let’s all encourage KPLU to do the same, call KPLU: 253-535-7758

UPDATE: We talked to the Program Director at KJAZZ in Los Angeles. They are playing cuts from Hadley Caliman every hour on the :30. You can listen online by clicking here. (They just played the original version of ‘Cigar Eddie’)

Hadley Caliman, Seattle Jazz