Tuesday, October 11, 2007

Tuesday night at Jazz Alley the Moutin Reunion Quartet showed why they are one of the best working bands in jazz today with an amazing 90 minute set that kept the audience engaged throughout. Their current lineup has been honing their sound over the past few years and are now on tour in support of their new CD/DVD release, Sharp Turns.

Twin brothers Francois (bass) and Louis (drums) are always an engaging pair to watch on stage. They move fluidly between grooves and time-feels like they are, well, twins! Saxophonist Rick Margitza is all business and a monster on the tenor saxophone. Pianist Pierre de Bethmann, who was not at the performance during the Ballard Jazz Festival, is the perfect lyrical balance to the Moutin brothers.

Seattle is the final stop on a west coast tour that ends tonight (Wednesday, October 12). Make sure and catch this group before they head back to Paris.

The Moutin Reunion Quartet perform at Jazz Alley on Wednesday, October 12 starting at 7:30pm. For tickets and more information, visit

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