Photos by Daniel Sheehan, Eyeshot Jazz


Friday Oct 24th at the Royal Room, the 2014 Earshot Jazz Festival presented New York saxophonist/ vocalist Jessica Lurie, another returning hero of the Seattle jazz community, reuniting with electric bassist Arne Livingston, and drummer Dale Fanning, for a jazz-festival recreation of the great, forward-looking, and absolutely slamming power trio of the late 1990s Seattle scene, Living Daylights. After forming in 1995, the Daylights performed locally and toured with artists like John Scofield, Groove Collective, Robert Walter, Maceo Parker, and Soulive. They also joined Wayne Shorter’s Highlife band in the 1995 Earshot Jazz Festival.

The Stranger once wrote of the group: “Living Daylights has a lot more wattage than the usual pallid jam band. They get their jazz-rock groove on, but with a little outer-Balkan edge.” We are delighted to showcase this landmark recreation of a distinctly Seattle phenomenon. Expect guest artists and additional wattage on the late set.

As a solo artist, Lurie creates a pulsing, brimming, and expansive sound, pushing stylistic barriers not simply to ramble from one genre to another, but to construct new musical landscapes. Lurie’s musicianship is born from her discipline to life-long music composition and improvisation. She has expanded to many projects, including 2012’s Megaphone Heart by the Jessica Lurie Ensemble. near the end of the first set Kate Olson and Naomi Siegel came up and joined them.




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