The sax-drum duo Bad Luck (featuring Neil Welch and Chris Icasiano) returns to Seattle to cap off an extended US Tour this Saturday, November 8, with a performance at Vermillion Art Gallery. The show is part of the Earshot Jazz Festival.

Saturday, November 8,
Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar, 8pm

Bad Luck
Scott Cutshall / John Gross Duo

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This summer, the world lost Charlie Haden, one of the true monsters, mentors, and masters of jazz. Haden once said, “Before music there was silence, and the duet format lets you build from that silence in a very special way.” November 8 will be a testament to those words as Bad Luck and John Gross & Scott Cutshall explore the sonic territory surrounding the silence.

Bad Luck, the duo of Chris Icasiano (drums) and Neil Welch (saxophone), are Seattle mainstays whose sound has gained the attention of All About Jazz and the New York Jazz Record. Described as “powerful and virtuosic” and “hard-edged and audacious,” Icasiano’s demanding drums and Welch’s waves of sound traverse from the bombastic to the wandering, creating an impressively diverse dynamic and sonic pallet for two instrumentalists.

Legendary saxophonist John Gross and drummer Scott Cutshall, who perform as part of the John Gross Trio, will be making the trip up from Portland to present their determined yet introspective improvisational explorations. Gross is heralded for his calm delivery and convincing ideas on the saxophone, and has been touted as one of the most significant players on the scene by the Saxophone Journal. Gross’s serenity creates a sharp contrast with Cutshall’s dry and feverish drumming, but forges a dynamic that is invigorating and pulsating with life. From the silence, both duos are sure to build tremendous and exceptional impressions of sound.

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