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Sunday, March 2 – TULA’S JAZZ CLUB
2214 Second Ave
Seattle3:30 – 7:00pm

Thank you all! It has been a great run at Tula’s. March 2nd will be our 15th year anniversary and final performance. Come out and reminisce with us about all the great musicians who graced the stage over the years. There have been well over 100 musicians who sat in dating back to 1998.

The original band included Phil Sparks, Larry Jones and Eric Vaughn with Hadley Caliman. The gig was created to feature the great talent of Hadley Caliman who at the time was teaching at Cornish and playing mostly casuals. Paul Toliver and I wanted to showcase his great talent on a more regular basis so more could hear his wonderful gift that those around the globe already were aware of.

Over the years there were many who began their musical careers and sharpened their skills during the 1st Sunday Jazz Offering. I feel very honored to have been a part of their positive experiences.

Thank you to Paul Toliver for your commitment and money (lol) during the early years when we struggled to keep it going. Thank you, to Mack for allowing us to express our form of “keepin it real” jazz at his 1st class venue. Thanks to all the musicians who made it a special event . A very special thanks to those in the audience that came month after month after month. I will only mention one couple – the Victors – Randle and Dee who came to see us on the very 1st performance and came every 1st Sunday thereafter until Mr Victor passed away. But there were others who joined soon after we began and they come every month to hear us even to this day. Thanks to you all. I really have felt your appreciation, support and love over the years.

I also want to thank my daughter, Victoria who worked alongside me for years greeting everyone at the door until she relinquished that assignment to my wonderful and beautiful wife and best friend, Angela.

And lastly, I want to thank my talented trio of musicians who have encouraged, supported and helped me grow musically and in other ways over the years. They are:

Piano – Eric Verlinde
Bass – Phil Sparks
Drums – Jamael Nance

The power of music to heal and bring people together is unequaled. It is our humanity, our legacy when all is said and done. Thank you all!!!

Please make reservations at 206-443-4221

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