Note: In a previous review I spelled Mr Chad McCollough’s name incorrectly. Sorry, Chad. Chad will be at Hiroshi’s  Mar 15.

Feb 28, 2013 – Barca
Adam Kessler – drums
Phil Sparks – double bass
Victor Noriega – keys

The only thing I didn’t care for at this gig was the tone of Mr Noriega’s keyboard. His playing was very good. He spends most  of his time between NY and Vancouver, BC. He’ll be at the Royal Room to play with Chris Stover Mar 26.

Mr Sparks was playing great as usual. Mr Kessler played better than I’ve ever heard him.

The harmonies were good. Not sweet like Brahms. Together, yet coarse.

Sitting in for a couple of tunes each were Brad Gibson, drums, Evan Flory-Barnes, bass, and Greg   Schroeder, trombone. Everyone played very good, with some exceptional notes from Mr Schroeder, who will be at Hiroshi’s Mar 8. A very, very good night. A lot of fun.

Mar 1, 2013 – Latona Pub
Victor Noriega – keys
Phil Sparks – double bass
Abe Lagrimas, Jr – drums

Tonight the keyboard sounded more like a piano, more enjoyable. Mr Noriega and Mr Sparks both played very good. Mr Lagrimas is a Hawaiian kid who moved to LA about 2007. He was up here visiting family and probably needed some pocket change. He’s a good drummer. Check him out online, and maybe you can catch him next time he’s up here, or if you’re down in LA.

This is Phil’s gig. Every Friday evening five to seven.  He rotates different people to play with him. Sometimes, people sit in. Tonight Darian Asplund added his tenor sax for one song. He sounded fine.

Vito’s – Tim Kennedy Trio AKA Gravity
Tim Kennedy – piano
Ian Sheridan – double bass
Claudio Rochat-Felix – drums

Mr. Sheridan is a vey good musician, unfortunately, except for solos, it was difficult to hear him. From where I was sitting, the drums were between he and I, and I’m sure that was a factor. Mr Rochat-Felix served up some really good drums, with solos that really made you sit up and take notice.

Mr Kennedy took the place apart with his piano. Good touch, superb presentation.

Had a lot of fun listening to them.

Mar 3, 2013 – Cafe Racer
The Racer Sessions
Wally Shoup – alto sax
Chris Corsano – drums

This was the best of the four times I’ve heard Mr Shoup. I did think he lacked tone and vocabulary.
Chris Corsano carried this duo. He’s a good drummer. Some interesting tones bowing his snare and metal bowls and plucking his drum heads.

In an earlier review I mentioned things can be hit or miss at the Racer Sessions. Since Cry and Roar in January they’ve been striking out a lot of the time on nights I’ve been there. Tonight was a 3 run homer. Some great music by… Andrew Swanson, tenor sax, Christian Pincock, valve trombone,
Andy Clausen, trombone, Jacob Zimmerman, alto sax (This kid killed! Check him out Thursday night’s at Egan’s.),Chris Icasiano and Evan Woodle, drums, Aaron Otheim, keys, Storm D’Angelo, tenor sax (Curator for Mar 10.).

This one kid, Jake Hertzog on guitar, and Brian (Sorry didn’t get his last name.) on drums, kinda lit the place up. Mr Hertzog sounded very good.

After he played Brian told me he never played jazz or free stuff before, he’s  been playing with metal bands. Jake is from NY, here visiting family. These two seemed to lock in, giving the music a new dimension. Driving. I dug it.

That’s when I realized the Sessions may be digging a rut for themselves, and I hope more and more new people show up, and are bold, as these two  were.

Mar 4, 2013 – The Triple Door
Free Funk Union
D’vonne Lewis  – drums
Tom Marriott – trumpet
Phil Sparks – double bass

Mr Marriott did not have a very good first set. He told me on the break someone said he should try out a new mouthpiece. He switched to to his usual mouthpiece for the next two sets and sounded very good. The rest  of the trio sounded better as a result. Mr Sparks playing great, fun swinging bass lines. Mr Evan Flory-Barnes sat in on bass and played some serious good bass lines. I thought both gentlemen took a couple of solos that were a bit too long. D’vonne Lewis. This kid has studied his craft and is now a Master. He will change styles during a song extracting the most of himself, the music, his bandmates. I think he can hang with anyone. If there are better drummers than D’vonne (I’m thinking about Hamid Drake right now.), they ain’t a lot better. This is D’vonne’s gig. Every Monday. He rotates different cats in and out. Sometimes he takes the night off and Adam Kessler takes over.

Mar 5, 2013 – The Owl and Thistle
Eric Verlinde – fender rhodes
Michael Barnett – double bass
Jose Martinez – drums
Gary Steele -tenor sax

Mr Verlinde and Mr Barnett were very good as usual, and had some serious harmonies going on. Most of the songs were on the slower side, so Mr Martinez wasn’t able to wow stuff as he usually does until his solos. Chris Johansen showed up with his tenor for the jam. Of special mention for the great  solos they took was Brian Smith, alto sax, and Christian Pincock, valve trombone. Also bringing very good playing and solos were Scott Allan, trombone, and Michael Volz, tenor sax. These two are Tacoma boys. The last few weeks the cats have been coming up from Tacoma, their good musicians and composers and add a lot to the music. I hope they keep coming.

Besides gas money, I heard all this music, drinks and tips, for less than $50. Jazz is…”livin’ high on nickels and dimes.” Yeah.

Thanks to all the players. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you around.

Seattle Jazz