Note: Sue Nixon is performing tonight at Serafina.

from The Seattle Times:

Sue Nixon left her Lake Union home on Valentine’s Day six years ago feeling good about her new job and confident in her Dolce & Gabbana overcoat.

Three minutes later, she was unconscious, her coat torn off as two passers-by performed CPR to keep her heart beating.

Nixon had suffered a cardiac arrest, and for almost 10 minutes her heart fluttered, unable to pump blood on its own. An off-duty nurse, a letter carrier and some luck kept her alive until paramedics arrived.

“I didn’t used to care about Valentine’s Day,” Nixon said. “But I’ve reclaimed it back.”

Nixon was driving down a residential street when she lost consciousness, causing a minor accident. The nurse, who had unexpectedly gotten the day off, and the postal worker, who was on his route through the neighborhood, rushed to her aid.

Nixon, now 47, says she owes it to others to share her story. On Tuesday she spoke at a welcome lunch for the 39th class of the UW Paramedic Training Program.

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