Cry and Roar: Three year anniversary of the Racer Sessions Festival Night I

Insistent Caterpillars
Evan Woodle – drums
Cameron Sharif – keyboard
Carmen Rothwell – double bass

Of the six bands I heard over the two nights of the festival, this is the one I liked the most. These folks played outside the box without leaving the box (you try that!). What I mean is, they had a respect for musical roots, and were still looking to do new things, be different. Mr. Woodle played well as he always does. Mr Sharif also played well, and used the keyboard to get a vibes-like tone. The second tune they did reminded me of Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch album.

Ms Rothwell was great. I’m going to adopt that girl! Her bass was big and full, right up there with the other instruments. She needs to learn some more
vocabulary, that’ll happen, she’s young. She’ll be playing at the Triple Door Musquarium Mar 6 at 8:30 with a quartet called Jargon (no cover). Don’t believe me, check it out yourself, even for only one set.

Neil Welch’s Sleeper
Neil Welch – tenor sax
Ivan Arteaga – alto sax
Evan Smith – bass clarinet
Christian Pincock – trombone
David Balatero – cello
Natalie Hall – cello

This music wasn’t supposed to be all jingles and entertaining, Mr Welch was trying to make a statement. The music was very serious. It was played with a film showing behind and over the musicians. The music was good. Their was a moment when I thought I heard something like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Everyone played good, I especially liked the cello parts. Recently I saw Ms Hall play in a chamber ensemble, and she was great there too. I made the mistake of letting people get in front of me this SRO night, and as short as I am, I couldn’t see nothin’! that didn’t help my appreciation of the music.

Andrew Swanson – keyboard, guitar, vocals
Aaron Otheim – keyboard
Camreron Sharif keyboard
Abbey Blackwell – double bass
Evan Woodle – drums
Chris Icasiano – drums

These folks played well and their music was enjoyable. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I like the bass sound right up front with everyone else. Ms Blackwell, what I heard, sounded good. Good clear tones. I wish I could have heard more. The music was pretty loud. As I said it was enjoyable, after all night on my feet this cowboy was all done. I was really to whupped to dig the music. That’s really too bad, because I heard during the sound check at the beginning of the evening sounded really good!

Soon I’ll devulge to everyone the greatest title ever given a jazz song. I could tell you now, but my marketing instructor would rap my knuckles with a ruler. Thanks to all the great musicians, and thanks for reading.

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