Briggan Krauss – alto sax
Wayne Horvitz – electronics and electronic keyboards
Robin Holcomb – piano and voice
Peggy Lee – cello
Dylan Van Der Schyff – percussion

January 05,2013
Wayward Music Series
The Chapel Performance Space

Wayne, I enjoy when you play hammond B3 or piano, and I like a lot of the things you write, I’m sorry Man, I have a lot of trouble with electronics. And since I don’t like to watch tennis, my opinion of a match wouldn’t be any good, so I’m not going to say anything about the electronic end of the gig.

That, and I thought some songs ended too abruptly, should have stretched out further are the only things I didn’t care for…

Overall I think the music was either very good, or very excellant. The first part the ladies, Ms Holcomb and Ms Lee performed. Second part, only the gentlemen, Mr Krauss, Mr Horvitz, and Mr Van Der Schyff. The third and final part all five played together.

Someone told me once that Berg, the modern classical composer was erasing some of a composition students’ notes on the sheet music.When the student asked why he was doing that, Berg replied that the silence between the notes were as important as the notes themselves. I think Ms Holcomb has a pretty good handle on that. She and Ms Lee had the right amount of harmony and disharmony. I also thought there was some classical style impressionism involved. They did about six or seven songs (I don’t remember exactly. ) and Robin sang on about half of them. She has a nice pleasant voice. Both ladies are excellant musicians.

Then the gentlemen stepped up. Mr Briggan Krauss plays BIG time! This cat can play! His tone is better than great, and his playing commands that you listen to him. Sometimes he would wad up some stuff (linen or wax paper or…?) in the bell of his sax and that  would give it a special kind of muted, rough, deep quality.  Mr Dylan Van Der Schyff brought quite a lot to the gig. He really knew how to add to the music. Playing drums like that is really hard, and he made it look easy and made it sound great. Mr D. sure got the most out each and every drum, cymbal, bell, rattle, ratchet, etc. And hopefully I’m not making it seem that he just banged away. Every note he played like a master. Thoughtfully, coherent, appropriate, professional … beautiful.

The third part is where the I thought the songs were a little too short. Besides that was very enjoyable. Everyone played as great as earlier, except for Ms Lee, who sounded better than as well as she sounded earlier.

It seems as if everone got a chance to initiate a song and kind of be the leader at least once, except Mr Van Der Schyff. Maybe next time … GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME!

I don’t know how much was written, how much was improvised, how much was rehearsed, and no way  am I going to analyze “what are they trying to say?”. This isn’t toe tapping, fingerpoppin’ jazz … well, for some people anyway. If you like it, if it’s pleasing to the ears, if it makes you feel good …
Thank you Briggan, Wayne, Robin, Peggy, and Dylan.
Thank you.
Howard Londner

Live Review, Seattle Jazz