Holotradband performing at The New Orleans

There has been a shakeup at The New Orleans Creole Restaurant with many of the longtime performers losing their weekly gigs.

After the passing of legendary owner, and Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame inductee, Gaye Anderson in August, day-to-day operations of The New Orleans was taken over by Gaye’s nephew Joe Anderson. An email in early-December circulated from management to the weekly performers stated that “Given these very tough times and the responsibilities at hand; we ask that you understand our absolute need to control our ‘out of control’ costs on all facets … Frankly we just cannot survive at the rate things are and have been done.”

A follow-up email last week announced that elimination of music on Tuesdays (Holotradband performed their last show on December 18), Thursday (Ham Carson will perform for the last time on December 27) and Friday (Flexicon’s last performance will be on December 28).

Wednesdays with Clarence Acox will continue, but the group was asked to take a pay cut. Music will also continue on Mondays and Saturdays.

The New Orleans has also added at least two new managers to their staff.

Seattle Jazz Scene talked to Dave Holo on his way to what was his last performance at The New Orleans.

I’ve been there since June of 1988 on Mondays with the New Orleans Quintet, the original band at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant.  I’ve also been there with Holotradband since October of 2003 on Tuesdays.

… I feel hollow.  First we lost Gaye in August, now we’re watching her dream fade … The New Orleans Creole Restaurant has been an icon in the history of Seattle music. Now it’s shrinking.  I just feel saddened. I’m good with numbers. I understand the why of things.  Business is tough in today’s cruel economy.  But this is a big loss to a lot of people.  I’m saddened for what we lose, I’m grateful for what we keep. I can’t complain about the end of such a long run, but I can’t not feel sad to see it come to a close.

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