TULA’S: Matt Slocum Trio
2214 2nd Ave, 8pm Call 206-443-4221 for reservations.

THE CHAPEL: Avram Fefer Trio featuring Chad Taylor & Michael Bisio
4649 Sunnyside Avenue N (Wallingford), 4th Floor, 8pm

JAZZ ALLEY: Louis Prima Jr.
2033 6th Ave, 206-441-9729, 7:30pm

NEW ORLEANS: The Legacy Band with Clarence Acox
114 First Ave S, 206-622-2563, 7:00pm

TRIPLE DOOR: Robben Ford Trio
216 Union Street, Seattle, 206-838-4333, 7:30pm

THAIKU: Ron Weinstein Trio
5410 Ballard Ave NW, 8:30pm

BOXLEY’S: Darin Clendenin & Friends
101 West North Bend Way, North Bend, WA, 425-292-9307, 7:00pm

VITO’S: Tango Ahora
927 9th Ave, Seattle, 206-682-2695, 7:00pm

LUCID: Don Berman Quartet
5241 University Ave NE, 206-402-3042, 9:00pm

Seattle Jazz