THE CHAPEL: Operation ID; ManKinSon
Good Shepherd Center (Wallingford), 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, 7:30pm

JAZZ ALLEY: Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band
2033 6th Ave, 206-441-9729, 7:30 & 10:00pm

TULA’S JAZZ CLUB: Jose Gonzales & Katrina Kope
2214 2nd Ave, 206-443-4221, 7:30pm

INTERBAY GOLF: Scott Lindenmuth
2501 15th Ave W, 206-285-6079, 5:30pm

TRIPLE DOOR: “The Producers” Paul Brown And Darren Rahn
216 Union Street, Seattle, 206-838-4333, 7:30pm

MARTIN’S ON MADISON: Jerry Zimmerman
1413 14th Ave, 206-325-7000, 7:30pm

NEW ORLEANS: Ham Carson Quintet
114 First Ave S, 206-622-2563, 7:00pm

THAIKU: Jon Alberts, Jeff Johnson, Tad Britton
5410 Ballard Ave NW, 8:30pm

LUCID: The Hang
5241 University Ave NE, 206-402-3042, 9:00pm

BOXLEY’S: Frank Kohl Quartet
101 West North Bend Way, North Bend, WA, 425-292-9307, 7:00pm

BARCA: Adam Kessler & Phil Sparks Trio
1510 11th Avenue, Seattle, (206) 325-8263, 9:00pm

VITO’S: Ron Weinstein Trio
927 9th Ave, Seattle, 206-682-2695

DISTRICT LOUNGE: Cassia Demayo Quintet
4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, 206-634-2000, 9:00pm

EGAN’S BALLARD JAM HOUSE: 7:00pm: Jacqueline Tabor; 9:00pm: Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit
1707 NW Market Street, 206-789-1621

VITO’S: Julie Cascioppo
927 9th Ave, Seattle, 206-682-2695, 7:00pm

Seattle Jazz