Guitarist Chris Spencer has also been making a name for himself as a studio owner and recording engineer. We got an email from him announcing the remodel of his studio and offering a special Winter Rate. Read below.

Over the past 18 months I’ve been working on a remodel of my recording studio space, Sofia Hat Studios, resulting in a larger, more comfortable place to record. We can accommodate sessions up to half a dozen musicians and work either isolated or in the same open space. In addition, we are very pleased to announce the addition of a fine grand piano, a Fandrich 6’ 8”. Darrell Fandrich is a local technician who is known for his innovative techniques and gorgeous sounding instruments and we feel very fortunate to have one in our space.

We have also made more of an investment on our gear, a larger selection of microphones, preamps, and converters; all the important things to make better sounding recordings. You can find a complete list of all our gear on through the link below.

As I have slowly put my space back together, reorganized and refitted, I decided to redesign my studio website, adding more content, demo material and conveniences such as online booking. At your convenience please have a look and spread the word to any friends, students, and coworkers who might be interested.

Also, I’d like to offer you a $5/hr break on the session rates good through March 21. That’s $35/hr, so a typical 4 hour session would come in less than $150. Just mention this email or the “winter special rate”. Thanks for taking a look and hope to see you soon.

Thanks and Happy New Year,
Chris Spencer

Seattle Jazz