via Tim Hickey:

Next week we are celebrating Bob Hammer at the New Orleans Restaurant on Tuesday, October 5th from 7pm – 10pm. Some of you have worked with Bob, or have played from his charts. Those of you who don’t know him, and all, please read on.

The main reason we are celebrating, is because Bob Hammer is 80 years old and has made his living, solely in music for OVER 60 (sixty years). And he has many ultra-high honors to his name, including arranging for Charles Mingus who called Mr. Hammer his “…Beethoven.” It is possible and likely that all of us have heard Bob’s work through the years on main stream media. Therefore we have been influenced by his work.

I am also presenting a picture of Bob Hammer to Gaye, to hang on the wall atn the New Orleans. I feel it very important to recognize Gaye for her decades of contribution to Live Music. (She already told me today, that she will not get up on stage.) Regardless, we are honoring her as well as Bob and I urge you to come to the New Orleans next Tuesday (Oct 5) at 7pm.

It is a-la-carte, so please buy a drink or some gumbo and support the house. HoloTrad Band is playing their regular gig (don’t forget to tip the musicians!).

If you have a gig and can’t make it, email me a message to read to Bob from you if you wish. And I will gladly accomodate.

Please consider spreading the word to your friends of jazz and live music.

Thank you all!
Go Live! Support Live Music!

Seattle Jazz