from The Seattle Times:

There are no chairs to sit in when you listen to music at the Crocodile. An open floor has always worked best for the kind of music and audiences the famous rock club is known for.

Since opening in 1991 — the Belltown club closed late in 2007 and reopened under new owners in early 2009 — the Crocodile, an integral part of Seattle’s music history, has hosted the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cheap Trick, R.E.M., Mudhoney, Yoko Ono and, last week, Brandi Carlile.

On Thursday, the club will host a rare show of jazz music. Although in its early days, jazz was dance music and bands played in large dance halls, it has lately been the kind of music usually associated with chairs and tables and sitting.

“We’re not opposed to jazz in the club,” said Eli Anderson, who books music for the Crocodile. “It’s important to broaden the music we offer. It’s a part of getting people into the room. There’s no reason the Crocodile has to be just rock music.”

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