from the Save KBCS blog:

To the supporters of SaveKBCS and the campaign to return KBCS to the
community radio station we knew and loved,

Join us Friday evening, November 27th, 5:30-7pm, outside Town Hall
Seattle for a demonstration against the radical program changes at
KBCS and the arbitrary dismissal of 15 longtime, volunteer music

We will gather on the sidewalk in front of Town Hall Seattle, 1119 8th
Ave at Seneca Street,
( about 5:30pm
before the speech by Amy Goodman, founder and executive producer of
Democracy Now, scheduled for 7-9pm.

Bring a protest sign of your own choosing announcing your
displeasure/anger/indignation about the changes at KBCS. Or print out
one from – go to the “Downloads” tab.

SaveKBCS will provide information handouts for people to educate
themselves about the summer of 2009 coup d’etat at KBCS.

Isn’t it ironic that KBCS’s flagship public affairs program “Democracy
Now” advocates democracy as a form of government, but KBCS management
goes to great lengths to avoid the democratic process when making
widespread programming changes? Bring back the democracy to our

Amy Goodman has appeared in Seattle many times over the years in
fundraising efforts for KBCS. Her show is also carried on KBCS. What
better place to demonstrate than in front of Seattle’s historic Town
Hall, a nonprofit organization with deep roots in Seattle’s civic
life. Town Hall is Seattle’s community culture center located in the
historic First Hill neighborhood on the edge of downtown. Town Hall
showcases the community’s cultural energy with diverse music, arts and
humanities, civic discourse, and world culture programming.

(Please note that this is NOT a protest against Amy Goodman, her
speaking event, or the”Democracy Now” show. It is a protest against
KBCS management’s decision to cut music programming, add syndicated
talk shows and dismiss 15 local volunteer programmers).

Democracy Now in our Community Radio Now!

Thank you!
from the Steering Committee of Save KBCS

Seattle Jazz