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The “Save KBCS” working group requested a meeting with Bellevue College President Jean Floten. The meeting was held on July 15th. Present at the meeting from “Save KBCS” were representatives Jean Geiger, Dave Long, and Al Barnes. Representing KBCS management was Mike Talbott, Dean of Information Services (General Manager Steve Ramsey’s immediate supervisor), and President Jean Floten. We presented President Floten with 350 printed emails that had been sent to [email protected] in the week prior to the meeting. Since then the number of emails we received is well above 500. We requested that President Floten:

1) Postpone the Phase 1 August 24th changes,
2) Appoint a mediator to facilitate the completion of the Strategic Plan. (This has been in the works for over 3 years),
3) Direct KBCS management to open a dialog with the volunteer and listener community for all future programming changes.

On Monday, July 27th, President Floten sent an email to SaveKBCS stating her support for Phase 1 changes to be implemented as planned and stated she believes a more inclusive process should be incorporated for Phase 2 and 3 changes.

Shortly after the July 15th meeting with President Floten, KBCS management held 3 meetings for all active volunteers for questions and the presentation of statistics to support their decision to drop 20 hours of distinct Jazz/Folk/World music and close to 20 non-paid DJ volunteers Monday-Friday. The replacement for this dropped programming will be syndicated, purchased public affairs and news programs and a paid DJ for a blended Jazz/World/Americana show in the 9am-12noon slot. Originally management wanted a paid DJ for the 12noon-3pm slot. Due to a lack of funds the afternoon paid DJ has been put on hold. However, the existing afternoon DJs are summarily dismissed and will be replaced by other volunteers of the Program Director’s choosing based on new applications.

In the meeting with volunteers, Steve Ramsey and Peter Graff apologized for the lack of engagement with the volunteer community and stated that Phase 2 & 3 would be more transparent. They stated that Phase 1 changes for August 24th will go forward without delay. According to KBCS management the decision was made because the Arbitron numbers are very low and the professional opinion of KBCS management and an outside consultant believe the changes would attract more listeners.

The license for KBCS is owned by Bellevue College. The General Manger and Program Director are hired by Bellevue College and are State of Washington employees. That being said, we believe that KBCS is a unique community resource that requires community involvement. We believe that music on community radio is in jeopardy of going away.

If you believe that KBCS change discussions should be transparent, and if you believe that KBCS is a unique resource in the Seattle/Bellevue area that you want to be a part of, we urge you contact KBCS management and Bellevue College administration with your comments.

Bellevue College President: Jean Floten
[email protected]

Bellevue College Information Resources Dean: Mike Talbott
[email protected]

KBCS Station Manager: Steve Ramsey
[email protected]

KBCS Program Director: Peter Graff
[email protected]

KBCS Comment line:
[email protected] or 425-564-2000

SaveKBCS is a group of long-time volunteers and financial supporters who love KBCS and want to save what we value most about our community radio station.
SaveKBCS is not affiliated with KBCS Radio.
SaveKBCS is not affiliated with Bellevue College.

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