from The Stranger:

In the next 90 seconds,” announces Wayne Horvitz, “I’m going to change the arrangement of this tune, so talk amongst yourselves.” Not an easy feat, considering that Horvitz, along with Robin Holcomb and Tom Varner, has spent the evening piloting a big band through tunes that borrow as much from Duke Ellington and Igor Stravinsky as from John Coltrane and John Zorn.

Horvitz ducks between music stands, conferring with the trumpet section (where I spot Thomas Marriott and Reptet’s Samantha Boshnack) and making sure that the trombones and the imposing front line of saxophones (which includes Mark Taylor and James DeJoie) know what to play next. Sheet music gets shuffled and no one seems to mind; the musicians are here to explore new territory, not rehash familiar numbers.

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