from The Seattle Times:

In hindsight, Mark Turner agrees that power saws and horn players should probably avoid close proximity.

He came by this insight the hard way. when a home-maintenance project suddenly turned into a potentially career-ending accident. One of jazz’s most eloquent and widely admired tenor and soprano saxophonists, Turner severed the tendons in his left-hand middle and index fingers last November.

“It’s never going to be the same,” says Turner, 42, who opens a two-day run on Tuesday with the collective trio Fly at Jazz Alley. “There are some issues with the left hand that I have to work around. There’s lack of sensation in the second digit. I’m getting used to it slowly.”

While he’s still working to recover some finger flexibility after surgery to reconnect nerves, arteries and tendons, Turner returned to the bandstand at the end of February, resuming a brilliant career marked by a series of near-telepathic collaborations.

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