Monday, March 30, 7:30pm
Pony Boy Records Presents:
A Workshop Big Band Resurrection of Ronnie Pierce’s “Dream Band” library from 1946

Tula’s Restaurant & Nightclub
2214 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA
reservations: ph: 206-443-4221
$8 cover charge

This will be an investigative workshop/rehearsal/rehydration of a book and big band that lots of the jazzers from the period raved about. Kids like Red Kelly, Marvin Thomas, Fred Greenwell, etc… They all said it was a great book, and a very modern band for the time… With Arrangements by Bob Hill (who passed away last Thursday) and Glenn Thomas. We will give it a reading and see what’s been hidden away since 1946. We’ll do some rendering, and make some recordings in “workshop” fashion for documentation to apply for a grant – for a more formal performance. We’ll even do some on-stage panel interviewing of Ronnie Pierce and the author of a new book about the “Sheriff,” along with some photos and historical perspectives. I came across many references to this band when researching the “Conversations & Deconstructions” piece. Ronnie has had the music locked away for a very long time – let’s see what all the fuss was about.

Come on down for the spectacle!

Saxes: Travis Ranney, Alexey Nikolaev, Mike West, Bill Ramsay
Trombones: Gary Shutes, Dan Marcus, Dave Marriott, Greg Schroeder
Trumpets: Dennis Haldane, Mike Mines, Al Keith, Jake Bergevin, Chad McCullugh
Wandering French Horn High Notes: Mike Simpson
Rhythm Section: Greg Williamson, drums; Jon Hamar, bass; Dan Kramlich, piano; Jim Day, guitar

Seattle Jazz