Tickets for the up-coming Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival are now being offered to the public at not just a reduced price, but at “name your own price” prices.

Emails have been sent out offering tickets to all three headlining concerts, which are currently priced between $35 – 40 each, for whatever the ticket buyer would like to pay.

From the email:
For a limited time, we invite you to NAME YOUR PRICE. That’s right, you decide how much to pay for tickets to the 33rd annual Friends of Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival:

– Sara Gazarek (Thurs., Feb. 26): valued at $35
– John Pizzarelli (Fri., Feb. 27): valued at $40
– Carmen Bradford (Sat., Feb. 28): valued at $35

We understand that the state of the economy is unsettling. And yet, your support of this cause is important. That’s why we invite you to NAME YOUR PRICE for tickets.

This comes after the Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival made news by contacting The Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO) to back up vocalist Carmen Bradford, advertising the show, and later booking The Mach One Orchestra for less money and removing SWOJO from the bill. {You can read Seattle Jazz Scene’s story here.}

For more information about Name Your Own Price tickets to the Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival, click here.

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