From The Seattle Times:

Jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter is 41, a husband, father of two young children, with tattoos on both arms. He resembles the actor Matthew Fox, who plays the surgeon and tortured soul Jack Shephard, from TV’s “Lost.”

A serious and earnest musician (although he would probably resist that description) Hunter, too has had near-paralyzing bouts of torment in the form of artistic angst.

“If you asked me a few years ago,” said Hunter, who performs with his trio at Jazz Alley Tuesday and Wednesday, “I would have said I couldn’t stand anything I played. I was going to stop playing. I was done with it. I felt like I couldn’t come up with any more tricks. The next stage would have been lighting myself on fire.”

Hunter, who has a distinct way with words, did not quit playing or resort to onstage flambé but rather embarked on a new direction with his music — something simple, spare and naturally suited to him, and more importantly, to his instrument, which is a rhythm instrument at heart, not a melodic one. Despite that fact, jazz guitarists are often obliged to play like horn players, at least if they want to be considered true masters.

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