Now that the long slog of the election-season-for-the-ages is coming to a close, it’s time to kick back and PARTY! We hope you’ll stop by and join in our open jam session, with musicians of all stripes and musical genres performing roots, blues, jazz, world, country, indie, etc…and any permutations thereof 😉
1707 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: 206-789-1621

MJ Bishop (and possibly Jim Knodle) will be herding the cats, and Seattle’s own Jim Page promises to be here by 6pm!

We’ll be projecting results on the screen starting around 5pm, cruising the web for interesting nuggets, and streaming both the concession speech (which I’m guessing will happen just after our polls close at 8pm) and the acknowledgment speech, which I’m guessing will happen about 9pm (11pm Chicago time). But the race is likely to be projected earlier, so don’t wait too long to come down!

In honor of the occasion, we will be rolling back our food and drink prices 8 years (pre-Bush/Cheney) for the night. No cover…but we’ll make sure no starving artists go hungry 😉

We’ll also be passing the hat for our new Egan’s Music Support Fund, 50% of which will go toward subsidizing student discounts at your regular gigs, so you don’t take a hit on that (unless you can afford to). The other 50% will go toward tuning the piano more often, replacing drum heads, cables, etc., and in general keeping our sound and lighting support up to snuff.

Hope you can make it!

Suzanne, Ben, and the rest of the crew!

Seattle Jazz