From The Seattle Times:

Head to Bake’s Place this weekend, and you’ll find yourself feeling it three ways: in the food, the alcohol and in Jeanie Bryson’s voice.

In fact, Bake’s Place in Issaquah might just be the best place to slip into a jazz coma. It’s called a “place” because it’s a repurposed house where you can eat dinner, drink or just watch and hear jazz artists in a “living room” where ghosts of families past watched TV and played Scrabble.

And Jeanie Bryson is the aural equivalent of a giant throw pillow. The daughter of Dizzy Gillespie sings in a gauzy romance voice, mixing the sexy with the Latin with the understated; she pulls you into her lovely haze with taste enough not to needlessly flit and float. Her business is soft-focus, misty-eyed romance. And business is good.

The Jeanie Bryson Quartet plays as part of Bake’s Place’s Visiting Songbirds Series. See the full three-course menu at

Seattle Times