From The Seattle Times:

… I’d had the wrong idea about Bake’s Place when I recently described it in print as a living room in a house. It used to be that five years ago, before it moved to its current locale, inside a building called Town Hall. Even post-move, people said it still felt like a living room; seeing it now, I think it’s more like a cozy restaurant dining room. A recent remodel knocked out the fireplace and shows off wraparound windows — outside there are up-close trees and faraway mountains — and the bar’s new. “Just put it in last week,” says Baker.

It’s all very tranquil and unforced. Baker’s right: I did have to come here to “get it.”

“It’s an awesome community,” says Baker of the Providence Pointers, though he could just as easily be talking about his family (his kids also work here) and everybody else who comes to Bake’s Place.

Different from Seattle jazz clubs by size (it only holds 85 people) and vibe, Bake’s Place is a sanctuary of love — of music, of people. And if you can’t respect that, see ya later.

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