August 21 – Goat

Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave N
$10 general admission

Greg Sinibaldi – tenor sax, EWI (electronic wind instrument), electronics
Zach Stewart – guitar, electronics
Denali Williams – drums

Using loops and electronic gadgetry combined with woodwinds, electric guitar, and drum set, Goat creates music with a sharp harmonic and rhythmic sensibility that embraces spontaneity while developing abstract motifs.

The trio evolves from earlier Sinibaldi projects like Frieze of Life, Cipher, the Greg Sinibaldi Trio and Band, and Vena Cava. Here he extends his merging of free jazz, new music, and striking instrumental timbres. Most unusual, and highly effective, are the strains of the EWI, or electric wind instrument, a programmable wind-driven synthesizer. Through composed pieces and extensive improvisation, he and his band mates arrive at an always-fresh and fascinating sound.

Sinibaldi, who came up in the Northwest high school bands, attended the New England Conservatory in Boston where he studied with microtonal composer and sax improviser Joseph Maneri as well as horn greats George Garzone and Jimmy Giuffre. Since returning to Seattle, he has worked with his several small combos and has been writing large works combining composition and improvisation. He is working on scores to accompany the silent films of Wladislaw Starewicz.

On guitar and electronics is Zach Stewart, who sifts heavy rock, blues/roots music, country, and jazz to arrive at a floating, soaring sound that ideally complements Sinibaldi’s concept. Under the pseudonym Skiff Feldspar, Stewart tours North America with the Northwest jam/funk band, Flowmotion.

Drummer Denali Williams’s experience ranges from rock ’n’ roll to orchestral music, working in bands like the Staxx Brothers, Loop 2.4.3, and the Tacoma Symphony.

Sinibaldi says that he seeks to create music that is “adventurous but cohesive.” “Jazz is an ever-evolving art form,” he says. “This evolution is malleable, exemplified by the experimental integration of various forms and traditions from around the world.”

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