From Paul de Barros’ Friday column in The Seattle Times:

Spalding is clearly breaking barriers, not just for her own career, but for jazz. A perceptive young woman, she understands all too well the retro niche the music has dug for itself. She said in our January interview, “Jazz has been evolving, it’s just that most cats are looking in the wrong places for it.”

One obvious place you can look for Spalding right now is at Jazz Alley Tuesday and Wednesday. Spalding appears with the rhythm section on her album — Leo Genovese (piano) and Otis Brown (drums) — plus Richard Vogt (guitar). Don’t miss this opportunity. She may not be playing clubs long.

and some info about other shows to catch this week …

Spalding is not the only singer worth hearing in town. Karrin Allyson, whose excellent new album, “Imagina,” also takes her to Brazil, plays the Alley Thursday through Sunday. Kate McGarry, a moody, jazz-ish new singer-songwriter whose album “The Target” (Palmetto) made a huge critical impression last year, performs on the Visiting Songbirds series at 8 p.m. today at Bake’s Place, in Issaquah ($59.50 with dinner, 6-7:15 p.m., $27 show only; 425-391-3335 or

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