Roosevelt Big Band leaves for Europe today.

Jazz bands from Roosevelt and Garfield have shared their work for international audiences every summer for over a decade. Last summer, The Garfield Jazz Band went to Europe and performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and The Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy. And this Monday, The Roosevelt Jazz Band is heading to France and Italy for a 16 day performance tour. With performances scheduled at an ancient Roman amphitheater at Jazz ‘a Vienne in France, Piazza IV Novembre at the Umbria Jazz Festival and the dedication of a totem poll from the Seattle-Perugia sister city organization, The Roosevelt Jazz Band is excited to represent our city for international audiences.

Roosevelt Jazz Band member Andy Clausen will be posting photos and updates from the road over the next two weeks.

Performance Schedule:


July 2nd – Lyon: Performance with Big Band de L’Ouest
July 3rd – Jazz A Vienne
July 4th – St. Maximin
July 5th – St. Maximin


July 7 or 8th – Monterosso Al Mare
July 9 or 10th – Florence
July 11 or 12th – Perugia: Totem poll dedication ceremony
July 11th – Umbria Jazz Festival
July 12th – Umbria Jazz Festival

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