From Paul de Barros’ Friday Seattle Times column:

It’s hard to imagine Seattle jazz these days without drummer Matt Jorgensen.

One of the partners behind Origin Records, not to mention the Ballard Jazz Festival,, Sunday jazz at the Hendrix Lounge (in Columbia City) … this guy never seems to run out of projects.

This week, however, is not about Jorgensen the playa, but the player. Thursday, the 35-year-old dynamo celebrates the release of “Another Morning” (Origin), the new album by his group, Matt Jorgensen + 451. But he’s also on the other two best jazz tickets in town.

“It’s rare that I get to do three really cool gigs in a week,” said Jorgensen in a phone interview from his car. “After that, 451’s going out on the road for a week, then I’m getting ready for the Ballard Festival. I’ll figure out the rest from there.”

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