From James Rasmussen:

After 25 years, almost 26 Bud’s Jazz Records is going out of business…. I’ve done my best to keep it going but don’t want to go into debt any more than I already am.. If there is anyone interested in taking over (buying) a jazz icon in Seattle let us know.. Otherwise we will start sales in the 2nd week in April to sell all the stock… 2nd week 10% 3rd week 20% 4th week 50% till everything is sold…. What ever is left will be donated to the Seattle public schools…The store will be on regular hours till the end of April … Open 7 days a week…If you have consignments with us they will need to be picked up.

For more info Call James Rasmussen
or E-mail [email protected]

From today’s Seattle Times:

After nearly 26 years as the homey basement hub and hangout for Seattle jazz musicians and fans, Bud’s Jazz Records is going out of business.

“I just can’t keep it going anymore,” said James Rasmussen, a Seattle trumpet player and leader of the band the Jazz Police; Rasmussen bought the store from founder Bud Young in 2001.

Bud’s Jazz Records, at 102 S. Jackson St. in Pioneer Square, will be sorely missed by the local jazz community. Known for its unstinting support of local musicians, the store consistently plugged discs by Seattle artists — often unknown — and piles of their CDs crowded the counter.

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