Wednesday, December 26
The Triple Door Mainstage

If you have yet to experience the Ben Roseth/Tatum Greenblatt Quintet, you are in for a treat! The new and improved group is now aptly titled, The Here and Now Quintet, as they continue to showcase the best in up and coming jazz.

Reuniting, the Here and Now Quintet presents an evening of jazz inspired by a history of collective music-making and recent experiences from all around the world. These up-and-coming musicians, all born and raised in Seattle, are forging a fresh new sound rooted in the tradition of Ellington, Coltrane and Davis, infused with influences from Israel, India, South America, and beyond.

The band includes Ben Roseth (saxophone/flute), Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet), Sean Hutchinson (drums/percussion), David Dawda (bass), and Drew Pierson (piano).

Roseth, a Garfield High grad currently studying at the New England Conservatory, recently returned from a 5-month stint in Argentina where he studied tango and folkloric music. Greenblatt also a Garfield alum, has been wracking up experience as a grad student in the prestigious Juilliard Jazz Program, which has recently taken him on tour to Japan and opened the door for recent work with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

Hutchinson, a Roosevelt High grad currently studying with Roseth at the New England Conservatory, arrives to the Triple Door shortly after having completed a residency at the Henry Mancini Institute, where he worked with jazz greats Mariah Schneider, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and Christian McBride.

The group has sold out the Triple Door in their four previous performances there. This evening is sure to be a hit.

Triple Door