The Eastside is alive with jazz this weekend with two shows at Bake’s Place from Northwest favorites.

Friday, December 7
Trish, Hans & Phil ~ Special Holiday Show

Trish, Hans & Phil have a refreshing approach – three voices, harmonies, and great jazz interpretations of pop songs. Trish, Hans and Phil are one of the most innovative and entertaining groups in the Northwest today. In addition to their unique and superb musicianship, they bring with them a joyous and exhilarating sense of showmanship to the stage. With Trish Hatley on vocals, Hans Brehmer on piano, and Phil Demaree on bass, this exciting group combines their soaring, swinging vocals for a sound that is truly their own.

Saturday, December 8
Pearl Django

Celebrating more than 11 years in existence Pearl Django continues to be one of America‚Äôs busiest Hot Club style groups. Their music reaches out across the divides of taste to a wide variety of audiences. The band’s fervent followers include Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli fans, guitar enthusiasts (and guitarists!), lovers of string music, including bluegrass devotees, who relish nimble, clean, intricate picking, “world music” fans drawn to French and Gypsy accents, plus jazz buffs and aficionados of the new swing music. Transcending simple categorization, Pearl Django packs in enthusiastic audiences at dancehalls and nightclubs, at folk music festivals and jazz festivals alike.

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