KPLU, November 27, 2007 – When I first heard Seattle jazz pianist Dave Peck in the 1980s, he was the first-call pianist for almost every internationally known jazz musician who came to town and needed a pick-up band. That being the case, I had the opportunity to hear him a lot — and I loved what I heard. It was amazing to see him adapt his skills to the needs of a wide variety of visiting musicians and still maintain his own strong musical personality.

As much as I admired him, though, I was scared to tell him so. He had (and has) a somewhat brooding and mysterious physical presence that kept me from approaching him. When I finally did, however, I was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved. In addition to being a fine composer and pianist, Peck is a gracious man with a wonderfully wicked wit. These characteristics come through loud and clear in this interview with KPLU’s Jazz Northwest host, Jim Wilke.

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