Columbia City BeatWalk-Tonight
Friday, December 7, 2007 7-10pm
5 bucks! All venues! Kids free!

The line up:

Zydeco Local
High energy, traditional Zydeco music from Louisiana..

Columbia City Fitness Center
Lora and Sukutai
Traditional amrimba and dance ensemble from Zimbabwe bring you the music and culture of the Shon people.

Columbia City Gallery
Correo Aereo
Passionate and thoughtful, this duo plays music from Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. Lush, smoky vocals with guitar, harp, percussion and always a few surprises.

Reggie Garrett & The Snake Oil Peddlers
Purveyors of fine urban acoustic folk music.

Verve Wine Bar
Lost Pedro
This guitar trio plays an eclectic mix of Latin, jazz and contemporary.

Columbia City Bakery
This acoustic trio plays an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary music in the bluegrass style.

Bookworm Exchange
Katy Bourne Quartet
Fun-loving vocalist and her top-notch band playfully perform the standards.

Seattle Jazz