Speak gets reviewed by the BBC

from BBC Music:

This is a marathon album, despite running for only 45 minutes; a dense, fast meteorite on an edgy sky, brief enough to be indulged in all its frowning intensity. Throughout, Speak build huge constructs of volumes and dynamics. The music never sits still; it’s a snake that twists and turns in the juxtaposition of noise and quietness, light and darkness. Yet the band is tremendously cohesive, shifting as one from heavy improvisational territories down to eloquent writing with a message of unresolved tension. There isn’t a recognisable soloist; the structure is always at the core, with each musician skilfully contributing to the edifice. Indefatigable, Luke Bergman on bass and Chris Icasiano on drums are as much centre stage as Vu’s reverb-laden trumpet or Andrew Swanson’s muscular saxophone.

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Saturday Jazz

TULA’S JAZZ CLUB: Bill Anschell Trio

JAZZ ALLEY: Keiko Matsui


EGAN’S BALLARD JAM HOUSE:(call venue for info)

BAKE’S PLACE: Butch Harris and Good Company

BOXLEY’S: Victor Noriega Trio

GRAZIE: Andre Thomas and Quiet Fire

LUCID: Brendan O’Donell Trio

SERAFINA: Leo Raymundo w/Sue Nixon

SORRENTO: Gail Pettis Trio

Friday Jazz

TULA’S JAZZ CLUB: Richard Cole Quartet

NEW ORLEANS: Thomas Marriott’s Flexicon

JAZZ ALLEY: Keiko Matsui

5:30pm: Monarch Duo
9:00pm: Waterbabies

7pm – Dan O’Brien Trio, with Kim Rushing (vocals) – featuring Dan O’Brien (bass), Steve Rice (piano) and Robert Rushing (drums)
9pm – Dina Blade CD Release! with Hans Brehmer (piano) and Larry Halloway (bass).

BAKE’S PLACE: Greta Matassa with wpecial guest Susan Pascal

BOXLEY’S: Clark Gibson Trio

LATONA PUB: Phil Sparks Trio

LAKESIDE BISTRO: Sandra Locklear

CYPRUS LOUNGE: Geoffrey Castle

THE CHAPEL: Seattle Composers’ Salon

HIROSHI’S: Jazz & Sushi

SERAFINA: Kelly Ash Trio

Thursday Jazz

TULA’S JAZZ CLUB: Cornish Jazz Faculty & Alumni

JAZZ ALLEY: Keiko Matsui

NEW ORLEANS: Ray Skelbred/Bob Jackson Quintet

THAIKU: Jon Alberts, Jeff Johnson and Tad Britton

EGAN’S BALLARD JAM HOUSE: Tenderoney with Alisha Roney (vocals), Brendan O’Donnell (guitar), Mark Sampson (keys) and Zach Para (drums)

BARCA: Clark Gibson Trio

LUCID: The Hang w/ The Teaching

CHAPEL: Robert Rich
from Earshot Jazz: Ambient music pioneer Robert Rich is touring North America in support of his new album Ylang. Drawing from decades of recorded work, Rich blends composition and improvisation in a fluid continuum, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. Rich has helped define the genres of ambient music, dark-ambient, tribal, and trance, yet his music continues to defy categorization. Rich uses homemade acoustic and electronic instruments, microtonal harmonies, computer-based signal processing, chaotic systems, and feedback networks to create his signature sound. Rich released his first album Sunyata in 1982 and followed with a string of critically acclaimed European releases for Fathom/ Hearts of Space. Rich’s all-night Sleep Concerts made him a legend across the Bay Area, and he continued the practice in 1996, culminating in the 7 hour DVD Somnium. Wonderfully suited for the Chapel Performance Space, this is a highly anticipated performance by a living legend.