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Give us your list of what’s in your CD player or iPod at the moment … what’s your Top 10 for 2007 … Desert Island Picks?

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Seattle Jazz

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  1. Cuong Vu vu-tet “accelerated thoughts”
    John Hollenbeck Joys & Desires “Joys & Desires #2: After a Dance or Two, We Sit Down for a Pint With Gil and Tim”
    Kurt Rosenwinkel Heartcore “Blue Line”
    The Claudia Quintet For “Be Happy”
    Jim Knapp Orchestra Live Recording “The Old World”
    Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra Sky Blue “The Pretty Road”
    Nik Bärtsch´s Ronin Stoa “Modul 38_17”
    Jim Knapp Orchestra Secular Breathing “Kennewick, Man”
    John Hollenbeck A Blessing “The Music of Life”
    John Hollenbeck A Blessing “April in Reggae”

  2. On My iPod Shuffle:
    Jon Hamar “Here After”
    Brent Jensen “One More Mile”
    Dee Daniels “Jazzin It”
    Sam Yahel “Truth and Beuaty”
    Roberta Piket “Love and Beauty”
    Eric Dolphy “Out to Lunch”
    John Coltrane “A Love Supreme Deluxe Edition”
    Bobi Céspedes “Rezos”
    Either Orchestra “Afro-Cubism”
    Radiohead “OK Computer” and “In Rainbows”
    Stevie Wonder…various

    Desert Island: any Coltrane, especially after 1960

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