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Seattle Jazz

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  1. Well, I don’t actually live in Seattle, but I used to, so that is why I visit this site daily. I still like to keep updated on the Seattle Jazz Scene.
    I now live in Albuquerque, NM and recently attended an excellent show by the Ingrid Jensen Quartet at the Outpost Performance Space on 12/13/07. Ingrid plays trumpet and is from Vancouver Island, so I know a lot of you are familiar with her music. Ingrid was joined by Geoffrey Keezer, piano; Matt Brewer, bass; and Jon Wikan, drums.

  2. Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for checking out the site and staying in touch with the Seattle scene!

    – SJS

  3. Flora McGill!!! Saw her band perform at Egan’s last night with Josh Rawlings on keys, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass and Adam Kessler on drums. Flora is a fantastic singer and songwriter. Her songs are super-personal and emotional, and her band gives her just the right support to deliver her messages. She’s also a master and taking a topic from the audience and making up lyrics on the spot. The first one she did last night was called something like “Why did I go to that party last night” and was hilarious! And the band had hits and stops in all the right places. Sounded like a composed piece.

    Check Flora out if you get the chance.

  4. I was in Albuquerque in September to visit my parents and played at the Tuesday jam session at that Italian place on Central. Michael Glynn (a former Seattle-ite) was playing bass and my buddy from h.s., Paul Gonzales was playing trumpet. It was a really fun hang. I left ABQ in 1982 to go to college but I’m always happy to go back and see what’s going on there. There seems to be a nice local scene there these days. Cynthia Mullis

  5. That must have been at Scalo in Nob Hill. They have a Tuesday night jam session every week, I believe. And, Paul Gonzales is also the host one day a week of the mid-day jazz show on KUNM.

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