On the Scene- Live Jazz Performances in January

Alex Dugdale Fade Quintet- Fri Jan 17, 7 PM/ Egan’s Ballard Jam House

One of the most dynamic jazz performers in Seattle, saxophonist Alex Dugdale reunites with his Fade Quintet for an evening of hard bop in the intimate confines of Egan’s. Dugdale’s monthly residency at Tula’s established this band as a sure fire, high energy romp through the hard bop tradition. Dugdale is joined by 200 Trio members Cole Schuster (guitar), Greg Feingold (bass) and Max Holmberg (drums), along with ace pianist John Hansen. Dugdale generally doubles down on tenor and alto saxophones, and is a fine practicioner of the baritone as well. This is a lot of band for Egan’s, so be prepared to be all in http://www.ballardjamhouse.com/schedule.html

Steve Gadd Band- Thu Jan 23- Sun Jan 26, 7:30 & 9:30 PM/ Jazz Alley

Drummer Steve Gadd is like a bridge that unites variant musical forms. As a touring artist, and one of the most prolific studio players of our time, Gadd has become an industry icon. In his engagement at Jazz Alley, he teams with what amounts to a jazz-fusion-pop uber band. Bassist Jimmy Johnson, pianist Kevin Hays, trumpeter Walt Fowler and guitarist Michael Landau join. https://www.jazzalley.com/www-home/artist.jsp?shownum=5132

Gail Pettis- Sat Jan 25, 8 PM/ Pacific Room Alki

Vocalist Gail Pettis makes her first appearance at the new Alki jazz dinner spot, bringing her stylish, blues drenched vibe to the Pacific Room. Pettis brings perfect pitch, a deep connection to the blues/jazz tradition, and a keen connection to her audience each time she performs. Along with Greta Matassa and Johnaye Kendrick, Pettis represents the best of jazz vocal artists in the Pacific Northwest. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gail-pettis-live-at-pacific-room-alki-tickets-75239245609

SRJO Sextet featuring Ignacio Berroa- Mon Jan 27, 7:30 PM

Knkx kicks off a Monday series featuring Seattle artists at Jazz Alley. For this edition, SRJO forms a small group to engage with Cuban drummer/percussionist Ignacio Berroa. Berroa made his mark in Dizzy Gillespie’s bands of the 1980’s, becoming an important component of Diz’ dynamic foray into Afro-Cuban music. Seattle stalwarts Michael Brockman, Phil Sparks, Milo Petersen, and Jay Thomas join Berroa in what should shape up into an interesting fellowship. https://www.jazzalley.com/www-home/artist.jsp?shownum=5162

Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings & Bill Stewart- Tue & Wed Jan 28-29, 7:30 PM/ Jazz Alley

For over a quarter century, this dynamic organ trio has been playing together and in the process, developed a unique partnership. Organist Larry Goldings, guitarist Peter Bernstein, and drummer Bill Stewart have been performing at the highest level as individual leaders, as sidemen, and in this case as a collective, for the entirety of their respective careers. Goldings’ soul and dry humor, Bernstein’s amazing understanding of harmony, and Stewart’s dynamic approach to polyrhythmic drumming combine to create a musical force of historic proportion. A can’t miss evening. https://www.jazzalley.com/www-home/artist.jsp?shownum=5130

Overton Berry & Bruce Phares- Wed Jan 29, 7:30 PM/ Royal Room

Seattle jazz legend Overton Berry has been making music with bassist Bruce Phares for 40 years. Aside from all the historic accolades I can mention here, the duo brings with them a vibe centered on love, respect, and humility. Their connection with the audience is second to none in Seattle. Besides, even without a single note being played, Berry’s delightful stories and remembrances are worth the price of admission. https://theroyalroomseattle.com/event/bruce-phares-and-overton-berry/?instance_id=1161

McTuff/Trio Subtonic- Thu Jan 30, 8 PM/ Nectar Lounge

McTuff was formed by Hammond B-3 organist Joe Doria inspired by the hard bop/soul jazz trios of organist Jack McDuff. In the process, it has absorbed the personalities of the trio’s three intrepid souls. Doria’s star is well established as a premier practitioner of the B-3, while drummer D’Vonne Lewis’ energetic, finely honed skills have established him as one of the finest this city has encountered behind the kit. Guitarist Andy Coe brings jazz chops and jam band vision to the mix, adding a spatial spirit to the music. 

Trio Subtonic is a groove-based power trio out of Portland, that appeals to a broad based constituency. Essentially, the music is an original take on soul jazz/funk, but that description leaves a lot of unanswered questions. From a programming point of view, these two trios have enough in common and enough not in common, to make this an evening well worth pursuing.  Keyboardist Galen Clark leads the band, with Lewis double dipping on drums. Bassist Bill Athens rounds out the trio. https://www.nectarlounge.com/e/og-mctuff-with-trio-subtonic-79475189431/

Marina Albero Trio- Thu Jan 30, 9 PM/ Vito’s

On the heels of the release of her triple CD, A Life Soundtrack, Barcelona born pianist Marina Albero hits Vito’s for a casual night of trio jazz. While Albero’s performances in more formal environes dive deep into her roots in classical, flamenco and jazz forms, her nights at Vito’s allow her to explore new ways to interpret standards. Her virtuosity, personality, and dynamic approach to jazz interpretation are stunning. Seeing her in the informal, late-night setting at Vito’s is a rare find. https://www.vitosseattle.com/entertainment

Jim Levitt Photos: Marina Albero CD Release at the Royal Room

Jim Levitt is at it again, this time at Marina Albero’s CD Release at the Royal Room on December 17. Albero was celebrating the release of her 3 CD set, A Life Soundtrack before a full house, surrounded by friends, fans and family. 

Jim’s work is art in itself, with the vibrant Seattle jazz scene as a canvas. We are deeply appreciative for his work here at seattlejazzscene.com

Marina Albero celebrates the release of her three-volume recording A Life Soundtrack, with a concert at The Royal Room. Marina Albero- piano and hammered dulcimer; Hans Teuber- saxophone, flute; Jeff Johnson- bass; Jeff Busch- percussion; D’Vonne Lewis- drums; Serena Dominguez Albero-voice; Marcel Dominguez Albero- cajon, saxophone
Jeff Johnson

Serena Albero sings “Mi Secreto.”
Hans Teuber

Marina and Serena Albero

Marina Albero- psalterium

Marina Albero- piano; Jeff Johnson- bass; D’Vonne Lewis- drums; Jeff Busch- percussion

Marcel Dominguez- alto

Marina Albero performs with her son, Marcel Dominguez
Jeff Busch

Standing O, Music is Love

CD Review: Marina Albero- A Life Soundtrack

Attempts to characterize the music of Barcelona-born pianist Marina Albero seem to get lost in the details. She is not an artist who found herself within a passion for a particular form. That her music is the sum of her life experiences would be a factual description that would nonetheless fall short, given the far reaching, culturally diverse, and wildly meandering path that has occupied her first forty years. To continue reading, click this linkhttps://www.allaboutjazz.com/a-life-soundtrack-marina-albero-self-produced

CD Review- Charlie Porter: Immigration Nation

Jazz has always carried with it a social narrative with historical ebbs and flows reliant on the polarizing issues of its time. With Immigrant Nation (OA2, 2019), Portland based trumpeter Charlie Porter embraces the forever narrative of American immigration, the historical force of humanity that has formed and enriched this country from its beginnings. The linear timeline of American immigration that widened at the beginning of the twentieth century has narrowed due to the gut wrenching actions of the current administration, providing much artistic impetus to inspire a much needed reaction from the jazz community. Porter follows through with a view and statement from the collective lens of the musicians on this session. Much like Max Roach’s We Insist! (Candid, 1960), concerning the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, and Roxy Coss’ modern narrative piece, The Future is Female (Posi- Tone, 2018), Porter surrounds the listener with a social narrative that is rich musically, and open-ended poetically. To continue reading, follow this linkhttps://www.allaboutjazz.com/immigration-nation-charlie-porter-oa2-records